Radiation Therapy and Skin Care

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Raise your level of service by understanding your clients’ skin care needs during Radiation Therapy. As a directed treatment, radiation therapy normally affects only the target area being treated, where skin is likely to be very sensitive and easily injured. As treatments progress, skin reactions, including redness, darkening, peeling, itching, and sometimes blistering, are common.


Gentle care to that area of the skin is most important. It applies to everything that comes in contact with the skin being treated, including cleansing products, any sponge or washcloth, towel drying (pat dry), and all clothing (loose, soft). Water should be warm, never hot or icy cold. Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided, as should common hair removal procedures in the area, including shaving or waxing. Avoid personal care products containing fragrance, color, or alcohol that may be irritating and drying.


The radiation therapist, physician, or nurse will commonly provide skin care protocols to their patients. ALRA Therapy Lotion is dispensed and recommended in many of the finest cancer treatment centers. Check with your doctor and then rely on ALRA Therapy Lotion for soothing comfort and hydration of the skin following treatment and as needed, throughout the day.


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