Why Metals Matter

Posted by Harry W on

Oncology nurses came to Neue Cosmetic Co., Inc. in the early 1990’s with a request for a non-metallic deodorant for breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy treatments. Why? Because metallic ions have been shown to accelerate, intensify, or misdirect the treatment rays, with potential adverse results.


More recently, rumors and questions have arisen about the possible linking of antiperspirants and deodorants with subsequent development of breast cancer and/or Alzheimer’s. Recommendations to use aluminum free deodorants have circulated on the Internet. Research continues, but no conclusive evidence supports this hypothesis. Review the National Cancer Institute website for updates.


For all these reasons, plus underarm irritation and allergic reactions, ALRA Non-Metallic Deodorant contains no metallic ions, no mineral salts or “crystals” (which are actually alum or potassium aluminum sulfate and thus metallic), no aluminum, aluminum chlorhydrate, or zirconium. All are metallic ions and should be avoided.


ALRA Non-Metallic Deodorant is safe and effective.


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