Hair Loss... Help

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Over 2.5 million Americans have some degree of alopecia, and though there are many causes, hair loss is often the most visible aspect of cancer treatment.


Scalp and hair care are vital at this challenging time! And important as the right wigs and head coverings are, try to understand the cause of your hair loss and how to provide care and comfort to your very tender scalp is vital at this time.


As hair loss begins, the scalp is often dry, itching, irritated, and tender.   Sensitivity to fragrances is common. Use ALRA Mild Conditioning Shampoo regularly and, as hair growth resumes, select a soft brush for gentle styling.


Discuss the side effects of chemotherapy drugs and their potential for hair loss, and whether to anticipate gradual thinning or sudden loss. Select a wig and schedule an appointment for your hair to be trimmed very short before expected hair loss. Perhaps your stylist or a care giver will offer a moisturizing scalp massage, using a small amount of ALRA Therapy Lotion, to aid in loosening and removing dead hair and flaking skin. Endeavor to repeat the scalp cleansing and massage every other day throughout the treatment period and beyond, as the hair gradually returns to normal


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