What Makes Alra Care Products Invaluable and Effective?

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The importance of skincare and hair-care during chemotherapy cannot be overlooked. Many doctors claim that maintaining skin and hair during and after the treatment is an essential part of the overall process. The countless products out there that can be purchased over-the-counter and upon prescription and which are supposedly aimed at healing cancer after-effects cannot be trusted completely. The reason behind this lies in the suppliers’ authenticity and their products’ reliability.

Since 1987, Alra has been successfully providing customers reliable and high-quality products to help them fight this life-threatening disease with confidence.  A trusted name in the industry, Alra has garnered this reputation with immense hard work, research and years of study.

This blog is aimed at revealing facts and important details about Alra that makes it an invaluable and effective remedy against chemotherapy and radiation side-effects:

Therapy Lotion

Our therapy lotion is an effective means of curing radiation dermatitis, itchiness and redness resulting from chemotherapy and radiation sessions. Our therapy lotions are recommended by leading doctors and cancer treatment centers across the country for ensuring optimum skincare during chemotherapy, symbolizing its reliability and value. If used at an early stage, our therapy lotion minimizes the chances of skin sensitivity and breakage without affecting treatment.

The powerful and curative ingredients present in this lotion include Aloe Vera gel, Vitamin E, Soluble Collagen, Allantoin and Lanolin. All these ingredients contribute to the skin’s natural healing process without any harmful chemicals such as alcohol, fragrance and color. Alra’s therapy lotion cleanses and moisturizes a chemo patient’s skin, leaving it smooth and clean.

Mild Conditioning Shampoo

Alra’s mild conditioning shampoo is the best treatment for fragile and weak hair that’s already falling or will possibly fall during the course of the treatment. This shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp, reducing the chances of scalp irritation and redness.

Rosemary oil in the shampoo acts as a massaging agent by reviving the small capillaries in the scalp, inducing hair re-growth; Aloe Vera Gel soothes the scalp preventing it from drying out and Pro Vitamin B5 nourishes the follicles providing optimum care for the hair and scalp. Without any artificial colors and fragrances, Alra ensures that all its products are free from toxic chemicals, are bio-degradable and pH balanced.

If you are on the hunt for products that support skincare for cancer patients, then turn to us and we will provide you comprehensive skin and hair care solutions!


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