Here’s why you should Stay Away from Aluminum!

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While most of us know that Aluminum is the most widely distributed metal on earth and is used in everyday products ranging from cookware to vaccines and roof tops; our bodies do not need aluminum unlike vitamins, minerals and trace-elements. What we are unaware of is that aluminum accumulates in our kidneys, brain, lungs, liver and thyroid where it competes for calcium absorption, causing growth issues, mental impairment and other deadly diseases.

Read below to find out how bad can aluminum be for your body and why should you stay away from it:

Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s

Extensive use and consumption of aluminum can result in cognitive impairment in individuals. It is known for producing a toxic, oxidative stress in the brains of elderly people, adversely affecting their neurological system.

According to various studies, Aluminum can cause severe liver toxicity, resulting in Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum is a potent neurotoxin that is associated with Alzheimer’s and is known to cause irritation in the brain.

Another study suggests that people who used antiperspirants and antacids containing an elevated proportion of aluminum had a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's.

Some of the common diseases resulting from Aluminum include:

  • Seizures,
  • Breast Cancer,
  • Alzheimer’s disease,
  • Bone Formation Disorders,
  • Kidney problems.

Is Your Deodorant Safe?

Ordinarily, deodorants that are available in the market consist of aluminum salts that do not allow perspiration. When deodorants lack anti-perspiring properties, it fails to fight bacteria that generates from odors. Ideally, it is best to use aluminum-free deodorants that encourage the natural sweating process. Aluminum causes the body and our skin to suffer from allergic reactions including underarm rashes and itching.

Knowing that aluminum has a strong link with cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, more and more people are seeking alternate products for their deodorizing needs since no one wants to emit an unpleasant odor. Many of us are not aware of the fact that deodorants are the biggest source of metallic ingredients that we ordinarily carry in our bodies.

Natural, non-metallic aluminum-free deodorants must consist of therapeutic grade essential oils and all natural ingredients to eliminate any chances of cancer, even after a chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Alra’s Non-Metallic Deodorant offers odor protection while eliminating Aluminum and other metallic ingredients that can potentially interfere with radiation therapy, providing skincare for chemotherapy patients. Our deodorant is uniquely formulated with Lichen Extract and Cypress oil; Lychen provides natural bactericide and fungicide to reduce micrococci and diphtheroids, whereas, Cypress oil is a natural deodorant consisting of astringent properties.

When faced with a modest cost difference, there really is no reason to not switch to our healthier alternatives.


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