Introduction of Alra All Vegetable Unscented Mild Soap

Posted by Harry W on

To effectively encounter side-effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, Alra adds yet another feather onto its cap by launching an all-vegetable unscented mild soap specifically designed to combat the skin-related side-effects resulting from radiation.

Washing is a critical part of one’s daily routine, specifically, when the skin becomes more sensitive during and after cancer treatments. According to a clinical research, it was revealed that patients that washed affected area with soap and water post a radiation session witness reduced signs of redness , itchiness and desquamation scores. As a result, we came up with the idea of launching a mild soap that would suit the patient’s skin and relieve it from all sorts of radiation therapy side-effects. This is how we came up with Alra’s all-vegetable unscented mild soap.

Our moisturizing unscented mild soap is composed of the natural occuring ‘Glycerin’ that provides an organic smoothness and nourishment to the radiation-stricken skin of cancer patients. Leaving a gentle and temperate effect on all skin types, our all-vegetable unscented mild soap is free of additives. The moisture levels in the soap remain high due to glycerin, while the soap consists of all natural oils such as food grade olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil to further prevent the skin from drying out.


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