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" My husband has undergone radiation therapy on his brain and has been unable to get any relief from several topical creams, as well as from a prescription for hydroxyzine, for the terrible itching caused by the radiation burn on his forehead and on and behind his ears. We received our shipment last week and my husband is very pleased with the product and the results it’s produced thus far. What a relief to find something that finally works and provides him with much-needed relief."      -MF, Maryland


"My Father-In-Law has painful Psoriasis on his hands. He has been using your lotion daily. His open split areas have dramatically improved."      -PB, New Mexico


"It was my pure luck that I spoke to another patient there who told me about your products...Thank you again. I hope you can get the word out as best you can to others."      -EM, Virginia 


"I have to wear a lymphedema sleeve. Putting on your "Therapy Lotion" really helps to ease the itch I was having to enduring otherwise."      -MC, Oregon


" I am currently going through a very strong series of chemotherapy treatments. There is so much you just can not prepare for. When I began to lose my hair, the place I went to purchase my wig sold me a bottle of your lotion and your mild conditioning shampoo. I was very impressed with both products! I have bought more online, and it was quickly delivered.I gave one bottle of lotion to my mother who is a diabetic to use on her feet. She loves your lotion as much as I do."      -JL. Michigan


"Just to let you know – Alra Therapy Lotion is excellent for shingles. I don’t know what I would have done without it during my shingles episode. I had some left over from radiation treatment and when I started reading more on the bottle it occurred to me that it would be excellent for my new unwelcomed problem. It is great!!!! "     -VN, No. Carolina       


"I just finished 6-1/2 weeks of radiation for breast cancer and my skin barely shows any wear and tear. I used the product faithfully from the very first treatment. My radiation team was astounded at how well my skin held up and took down the information on Alra as well, so I’m hopeful others will give it a try. Thanks for such a great product!"      -JZ, Oregon


"Thanks for your prompt reply. I have already purchased the lotion from my local pharmacy. I really like the Therapy Lotion and have found it more helpful than other products dispensed by my cancer treatment center."      -PP, So. Carolina


"Thanks so much! Your products helped me during my breast cancer treatments and I am spreading the word regarding them."     -CV, Iowa


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