Past reviews for Alra Mild-Conditioning Shampoo

Posted by Harry W on

"The reason I wanted to write to you is to tell you about your shampoo. I said when you go through chemo you are not prepared for all your body will go through. One day in the shower I thought, there is just not enough hot water to wash away the smell of chemotherapy. It seems to come out of your pores. I began to use your mild shampoo as a shower gel. The smell is so clean, and refreshing, the soap is mild and moisturizing, and I just had to tell you how much I love it, and my dry skin is improving with the mild shampoo. Thank you for making products to help ease a very difficult and personal time in so many people's lives. I love the shampoo and use it twice daily, it truly is refreshing! When you feel so bad, feeling clean and fresh does make a big difference! Thank you!"     -JL, Michigan

" I can only hope that everyone who has to go through treatment and the trauma of hair loss will be introduced to your product because it really works. Thank you again!"      -GL, Idaho


"I just had to let you know how wonderful your shampoo is. I am not undergoing cancer treatments (thank God) but I have been losing my hair for the past two years. Over the past several months the loss accelerated... I no longer have to fear and dread washing my hair! Yes, I am so upset about this problem I do count my lost hairs daily. I had to share with you how good your product is!"        -MR, Georgia


"I just finished my radiation treatment after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in two years. I used your therapy lotion the first time and immediately ordered more when I started my radiation treatment in March 2009. This time I ordered your shampoo to use as a body wash rather than using a bar soap. I figured since I was using it in the shower, I might as well use it on my hair. I thought I was seeing a difference in the condition of my hair, it was confirmed when I went in for a perm (last night) and my stylist asked what I was using to shampoo my hair, that she could feel that the texture was different and felt like I had more hair. When I told her it what product I was using, she told me to keep on buying it, not to stop. So, now that I’m going to be a “cancer survivor” for the next 40 years (or better), it also looks like you’re going to have a very steady customer."     - ME, Minnesota

"Thank you so much! You guys are the greatest! I ordered before and your products are working well for my fiancé. We are going to start now with the lotion as she starts radiation his week after having chemo treatments for the past 4 months. The deodorant works better then any recommended and the shampoo is gentle as advertised."      -BB, New Jersey


"Wish I had the info on your products weeks ago ..luckily, another patient shared her good results with using your products today with me. I immediately got online & placed an order."      -EM, Maryland


" I started using your shampoo last year during chemo and now that my hair has grown back I still like to use Alra shampoo. I recently had my hair colored (too much gray grew back!) and was wondering if Alra shampoo is safe for color treated hair."           -EC, No. Carolina (The answer is YES!)


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