Past reviews for Alra Non-Metallic Deodorant

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" Love the deodorant and the therapy lotion!"      -NB, Ohio


" I am so pleased that the deodorant really works! I even have my husband and kids switched to using it daily. I bought everyone their own stick deodorant. I am happy that there is a safe alternative that really works for the whole family."      -LM, North Carolina


"This is the only deodorant that my wife with Breast Cancer chemo can use without reaction. It does not show up on MRIs, PET Scans, or Bone Scans. We have bought it since 2004... She believes in your product and that is good enough for me." PS "the husband",      -Colorado


" Alra deodorant has been my favorite since I learned about it in 2006! You mentioned brochures I can give my patients about your excellent products. I practice psychotherapy with a number of cancer survivors and give volunteer workshops in the oncology community. I would love to share information with other people."      -BF, California


"I started using your deodorant after my mom went through chemo and radiation. I had developed knots in my arm pits as a teen as a result of using aluminum based deodorants and I've been very happy and pleased with the protection and gentleness of your product."      -MC, Georgia


"I am currently undergoing radiation therapy at Evanston Northwestern Hospital in Evanston Illinois. After a week of no use of deodorant, I was at my wit's end. I needed something, I work in an office that is like a furnace (hot) and we service hundreds of customers' complaints daily so we work in a fast paced enviorment. I needed to have protection from the heat and sweat. The Oncologist recommended your Alra. I went and bought it through the pharmacy at the hospital, and have been pleased. No more sweat, no more smell, and I can have the treatments with this deodorant on. I am planning to continue this product from here on out. I am greatful that there is an alternative product out there for women and men who are undergoing radiation therapy. I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart."      -PS, Illinois


"If we can put a man on the moon, why wasn’t there a deodorant that could be safely used by cancer patients? Thank you Alra!"   -SM, No. Carolina


"Although I no longer get radiation (I did two years ago), I like the deodorant so much that I never stopped using it."      -AS, Michigan

"I was referred by my oncologist. This product was recommended because when I had radiation I was not supposed to use other deodorants. It is a very good product and since I am through with my radiation treatments, forever I hope, I am still going to continue to use it. It lasts a long time. Thanks again for your help."      -EC, Illinois


"I was given the deodorant at the Radiation Oncology Department of my hospital in Chicago. I very much like the idea that it is a natural product with no metallic salts. I used it throughout my radiation treatments which have now been completed and I want to continue using this product as it applies so easily and there is no irritation. Thank you!"      -JM, Illinois


" I ordered 6 deodorants online this morning for my granddaughter who cannot use conventional deodorant. Here is yet another group of women who would benefit. Granddaughter is bigtime into athletics and breaks out in horrific rashes with all underarm products; all, that is, except yours. My original purchases were for me at Images after breast cancer. .... Now, doesn't that genius marketing idea warrant something? I can see the commercial now... beautiful young woman playing hard at the game and grandma on the bleachers watching proudly and cheering her on. :)"      -AO, Massachusetts


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