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Cancer Skin Care

Skin Care Gift

The skin care giftpackage from Alra Care Products is the perfect gift for you or a friend. Each Alra cancer care package includes therapy lotion, non-metallic deodorant, and mild conditioning shampoo, all helpful for cancer skin care.

Radiation Lotion

Our radiation lotionoffers soothing relief to skin exposed to radiation therapy and to dry and sensitive skin due to chemotherapy. It is also effective in the treatment of eczema, sunburn, abrasions, diaper rash, and other severe dry skin conditions. Using Alra Therapy Lotion daily helps you actively participate in your treatment and healing.
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Non-Metallic Deodorant

Like all Alra Care Products, our non-metallic deodorant is free of harsh chemicals, and contains no alcohol, artificial fragrances, or added color.

Mild Conditioning Shampoo

Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo may be safely used as a gentle total body shower gel for dry and sensitive skin, scalp, and hair. It may used as an all-over body shampoo for moisturizing cleansing.


About Our Founders

Mr. and Mrs. Ott
Alra Care Products provide cancer skin care for men and women to help soothe and relieve the effects of radiation, chemotherapy, and day-to-day wear from cancer treatments. Since 1987, we have been offering personalized care and the highest-quality products to help improve the lives of those who are affected by chemotherapy and radiation. A portion of our proceeds are given to support organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation™, the Wellness Community, and the American Cancer Society™.

ALRA for Skin and Personal Care during radiation and chemo therapy evolved  from personal needs when two close friends were each diagnosed with breast cancer and then facing radiation and chemo therapy, one in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco.  Neither of their oncologists had a recommendation to soothe the redness and dermatitis, itching, and dryness they each were experiencing in the treatment area.
Responding to these skin care needs, ALRA (short for all radiation) Therapy Lotion was created in 1987.  A European cosmetic chemist, who had developed skin and hair care products for major companies, turned to his laboratory and collaborated with his wife's Radiation Oncologist at Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center.   Utilizing the finest medically proven moisturizing and restorative ingredients in high levels for efficacy, ALRA Therapy Lotion was tested and proven safe and effective.  

The positive response to ALRA led to the creation of two additional care products, a deodorant containing no metallic ingredients that could interfere with radiation therapy treatments, and an extra-mild shampoo with rosemary oil and aloe vera to stimulate scalp circulation and promote hair retention and re-growth, especially for individuals during chemotherapy.

The company remains committed to providing the finest quality products "first aid for the side effects of cancer treatment".

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